Family Law

The Penman Sedgwick Family Law team is committed to providing a high quality and an efficient service tailored to your needs.

The Family Law team based in Watford benefits from the considerable experience of Stuart Mercer a specialist member of Resolution and Rob Foster.

We recognise that emotions may be running high in family law matters and we are experienced in tailoring our approach to your specific needs and where suitable referring you to other agencies who are able to provide non legal support and assistance during the course of the case and beyond. We keep you up to date with all legal changes that may affect your case.

We believe in using an approach which is sensitive, constructive, cost effective and most likely to result in an agreement and we follow the Resolution Code of Practice which promotes this approach. On occasions where agreement is not possible we are able to take immediate and decisive action in order to bring about a speedy resolution to the case, involving instigation of legal proceedings.

The family law team offers specialist legal advice, assistance, and representation in the following key areas:

Divorce, Separation, Nulity and Judicial Separation
You will only be granted a divorce if you can demonstrate that your marriage has irretrievably broken down. There are 5 ways to show this.

If you do not want a divorce but you are separated and you want any agreement about your living arrangements or finances to be put into writing then we can prepare a deed of separation for you Read More about divorce, separation, anulity and judicial separation..

Financial Settlement (Financial Remedy) following Divorce
The legal formalities of getting a divorce are relatively straightforward. What is less straightforward is sorting out the practical issues associated with a divorce such as where each person will live, and who gets what. Read More about financial settlement (ancillary relief) following divorce..

Cohabitee disputes including property / financial matters in unmarried families
If you move in with somebody and the house is only in their name, under normal circumstances you will have no right to the proceeds from selling the house. Read More about co-habitee disputes including property finance matters in unmarried families..

Domestic Violence
Remedies for domestic violence include non-molestation orders, occupation orders and protection from harassment. Non-molestation orders and occupation orders can be obtained from the County Court. Alternatively the Police can prosecute under the Protection from Harassment Act. Read More about domestic violence..

Children Matters
The team deals with a number of children issues including contact and residence disputes. Read More about children matters..

Prenuptial Agreements
Although prenuptial agreements are still not legally binding in England and Wales, recent case law is moving towards this. The team can draw up and tailor such agreements to your needs. These agreements will set out clearly what will happen to the assets on the breakdown of any marriage. Read More..

If you need advice on a legal matter please contact us, and we will respond as soon as possible, or call us on 01923 225212.

Penman Sedgwick solicitors are proud to have been established as a leading Solicitor`s Practice in Watford for over 175 years providing expert Legal Advice. We are known as one of the leading Family Law Solicitors advising on a private instructed basis with excellent results for our clients.

To arrange an initial consultation with Stuart Mercer, the fee is :
£100.00 plus VAT @ 20% being £120.00 for up to a one hour consultation on your matter.

For An Appointment Please Telephone: 01923 225212.