Cohabitee Disputes

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There is no such thing as common law husband or wife and at present there is no specific set of rules governing separated non-married partners.

If you move in with somebody and the house is only in their name, under normal circumstances you will have no right to the proceeds from selling the house.

However, if you have contributed to the deposit for the house or the mortgage payments, or you have made a financial commitment in some other way because it was agreed that you would own a share of the property you may have an interest in the property.

We will be able to make a claim for you under the Trust of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996.

Unmarried parents may sometimes need financial support for a child of the relationship (on top of any child maintenance which will be dealt with by the Child Support Agency or the Child Maintenance Enforcement Commission).

In this case we can advise you with regard to making an application under Schedule 1 of the Children Act.

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