Trading Standards Law

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Trading standards is a department within a Council Authority that comprises of Trading Standards Officers and Enforcement Officers, the latter, generally being unqualified personnel, with a Chief Trading Standards Officer under the direction of a Director of the Council.

There is a central system, whereby Trading Standards in any Council, may obtain information about any trading activity or company known in any Council area. Trading Standards Officers regularly make themselves known on visits to local business in their area. Further, their task is to clamp down on illegal traders in their area, and under age sales. Their activities are diverse as they are numerous.


Trading Standards Officers and Enforcement Officers do not have the power of arrest.

The assistance of Police may be obtained to effect the arrest of suspects and the search and seizure of property.

Nor do they have the authority to demand you attend an interview under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984, but in an interview on a voluntary attendance, must adhere to the Act.

It is important to note, that replies in interview may indeed be significant in any subsequent prosecution.

General Information

Trading standards prosecutions and investigation enquiries are able to cover a wide area of all business activities.

Traders who contravene the relevant legislation will find themselves involved in detailed enquiries.

Such relevant legislation covers the selling of counterfeit goods, unsafe or incorrectly labelled products, products on the internet, car boot sales, age restricted products, firework sales and storage, incorrect pricing ( labelling ) in supermarkets, vehicle sales from roads, Hallmarking, importation or exportation of animals, Furniture fire safety Regulations, Fair Trading, Food Labelling, Food Safety, Consumer / Buyer Rights, Animal Safety, Medicines and healthcare Products regulatory authority to name but a few.